Experimental/Contemporary/NewMusic Concert Series.
organized by Kouhei Harada.

The complicated process of every existence.
In same position at same time, any things don’t exist as overlapping each other.
So everything has differences necessarily. Own views, element of air that touches, etc…
So every human’s experiences & acts are different from each other necessarily.
Human’s acts become some patterns repeatedly by own experiences.
However time is passing, so there are not same situations.

Human is just a phenomenon. (a layer of point of these are expressed by lines on the timeline.)

(an) arrangement(s) express the things & relations are just existing in here.
It might be not expressing but being appeared kindly.
Off course, audiences who come t

o here are also included in the arrangement.

This series is irregular.
It is organised on suitable date…

Currently closed.


(an) arrangement(s) #013.
Jan, 30th/2016@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
VELTZ, Samuel Dunscombe (AU), diff.live, Turm Design Works.

(an) arrangement(s) #012.
Oct, 31th/2015@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
GAF (ES) + Tetsuya Maedomari, Unii, Jun Minowa + Yusuke Kamijima + Mitsuaki Matsumoto + Kouhei Harada.

(an) arrangement(s) #011.
May, 30th/2015@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
Delmore Fx (DE), Multitasking (DE), Mitsuaki Matsumoto, Tyler Eaton, aen,
Taiki Kusakabe, Kouhei Harada.

(an) arrangement(s) #010.
Jan, 31st/2015@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery

(an) arrangement(s) #009.
Feb, 1st/2014@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
Cristian Vogel (DE), Go Tsushima, Yui Onodera, Brendan Biddiss (AU), Kouhei Harada.

(an) arrangement(s) #008.
Nov, 1st/2013@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
Gargle + Tetsuya Maedomari, aen + Kouhei Harada., DURHA + Nina

(an) arrangement(s) #007.
Jun, 15th/2013@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
Samuel Dunscombe (AU), diff.live, Nina

(an) arrangement(s) #006.
Feb, 9th/2013@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
DURHA, Té (AU) + Kouhei Harada, Cycle~ 440 (AU)
and session of all members + Nina + Sima Kim (KR)

(an) arrangement(s) #in the dark.
Jun, 23rd/2012@KosmosLane Studio & Gallery
sawako + Nina, Yusuke Kamijima, Cal Lyall + Hisashi Matsumoto + Kouhei Harada,
and session of all members + Mitsuaki Matsumoto

(an) arrangement(s) #005
Oct, 8th/2011@content (the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
was cancelled by unfair power…

(an) arrangement(s) #TWSE 2011
Apr, 24th/2011@content (the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
saara trio, anna yamada, u+uco,
Daisuke Miyatani + Aki Tomita + Kouhei Harada.

(an) arrangement(s) #004
Apr, 24th/2011@content (the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)
Tupperwear (Klitekture, ES), sawako + daisuke miyatani,
Afgan (anntenna, ES) + Cal Lyall + Kouhei Harada + Yumiko Shiono (FR), Lighting:dbqp

(an) arrangement(s) #003
Feb, 22th/2011@Loop-Line
Che Chen (US), Chihei Hatakeyama + Tetsuro Yasunaga, Aki Tomita
Mitsuaki Matsumoto + Tsutomu Satachi + Kouhei Harada

(an) arrangement(s) #002
Dec, 11st/2009@OttoMainzheimGalley
Kynan Tan (AU), Chihei Hatakeyama, aen, dropSoup, Cal Lyall + Morihide Sawada,
yumiko shiono+laurent rodriguez (jim²achin.e, FR), Kouhei Harada.

(an) arrangement(s) #001
Mar, 28th/2008@PenguinHouse
Andrea Valvini (CH), u+uco, eternal children floating in aural sky,
Yasufumi Suzuki, Kouhei Harada, Guest : hiton.


Line(s) #003
Jan, 6th/2012@NextSunday
Voima, Junji Koyanagi, Yusuke Kamijima

Line(s) #002
Jul, 23th/2010@gamuso
Buggatronic (CH&AU), heartland + Kouhei Harada, bum,
Miki Naoe, Andrea Noce (IT)

Line(s) #001
Jan, 15th/2010@Showboat
Pitbeat (IT), Heartland, Yawning,
TREEHEAD (HARRY+JUN+YOYA+Kouhei Harada.+Katsunori Fukuoka)